March 29, 2011

Speed Demon

Boy #1 joined Cub Scouts this month and this month the pack activity was the Pinewood Derby. Since I am a girl and had no brothers near my age, I had never attended a Pinewood Derby before tonight. I must admit that I was excited and nervous for my boy to compete in the race. He and his dad worked on the car together and boy #1 painted it and created stencils for it. He was really excited to see how his car would perform. Well, I am proud to say that he won 2nd place in the Pinewood Derby. He was pretty proud also. Way to go!

Boy #1 with his car, "The Silver Knight"

A very short clip of his car in the lead during one of the races

March 24, 2011

Poor Year For Blogging

I am off to a poor start for blogging this year, however, I think I am spending more time doing fun things and less time blogging about fun things. So here are a few pictures to catch up on the activities of the past couple of weeks.

We went tubing and I highly recommend it, we had a blast

I examined the clouds that looked like cotton balls as I reclined on my inner tube

We are trying to get a few more ski days in

Boy #1 is now a Cub Scout

I hosted an after baptism party for boy #1. Menu of quiches, cinnamon rolls, fruit, salad, and my favorite tangerines from my sister

Boy #1 has been reading lots of books about the Nazis in school, so we had a battle with the Americans and the Nazis in our entry hall, the Americans won.

March 14, 2011

Happy Doggy Day

Our dog turned 9 yesterday. The boys were really interested in giving him presents, but we decided that a nice long walk and extra treats would suffice. Happy Birthday to the best dog we've ever had!

March 7, 2011

Birthday Boy

Boy #1 turned 8 this past week. Sometimes I wonder who this boy is that keeps growing up. Where has my little boy gone? He is a sweet, kind boy and I hope he keeps those qualities as he gets older.

Cool birthday boy

For his birthday, boy #1 wanted to go out to dinner with his friends. He chose the "cook in front of you" restaurant. The onion volcano was a big hit

The dish of ice cream for the birthday boy was also a big hit with all the boys