December 27, 2011

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Well, Christmas is over and we had so much fun celebrating the season. We had some great advent activities and lots of fun eating, baking, and eating some more.

Yummy homemade hot chocolate

Homemade crystal ornaments

Lights at Temple Square

Gingerbread house decorating

Some of the savory food for the annual Christmas open house

Some of the 9 pies that I made

My lovely eggs from my lovely chickens

Boy #1 as a wise men, thanks to Aunt J for great costumes

The full cast of the Christmas nativity

Christmas morning ready to see the gifts

December 2, 2011

Chicken Mania

Since I am loving my chickens I thought I should introduce you to them. On Thanksgiving we had the surprise of a third egg, so now all of our chickens are laying. Yeah! We also try to let them out each day for a little "free range" pecking. They love it.

This is Goldy and she is the oldest and was the only one laying when we got the chickens

This is Racer X and she has beautiful coloring

This is Black and White and she is a scaredy cat. She is our newest layer