June 29, 2011

Road Trip

I have tried to take the boys on a summer road trip to CA the last few summers. This year we made a 10 day, 2200 mile trip that was awesome. We headed to visit Grammie and Grandpa in the Bay Area, then went to visit my sister in Central CA, and ended up in Southern CA for a visit with my other sister. Along the way we spent a day at Yosemite, Sequoia National Park, and the beach. We got to visit with great family members and friends. My niece came along to keep me sane. It was a great trip! Can't wait for next summer's road trip.

The boys climbing the trees by my childhood home. I had a secret fort not far from these trees when I was a girl

Yosemite was amazing! Lower Yosemite Falls with all the mist

We ate lunch in the beautiful Ahwahnee Hotel, I love the ceiling in this lobby

One of the giant Sequoia trees

We saw this bear and three others while we strolled on a path around a meadow

My sister, my niece, and boy #1 climbed to the top of Morro Rock in Sequoia National Park while I waited for boy #2 to go potty

Boy #2 has wanted a snorkel for months so I got him one and he used it a ton in my sister's pool

The boys at the beach

The boys and me at the beach

We had a fun family gathering at my cousin's house with my 2 aunts, my 2 cousins, their kids, my sister, my niece, and the dog

June 9, 2011

Belgium Waffles, Chocolate, and Salads?

Since I have posted pictures of the Netherlands I thought I better give some time to Belgium. I must admit that even though I was excited to eat waffles with large sugar pearls inside and lots of chocolate, the best thing I ate in Belgium was a warm goat cheese and bacon salad. Oh my goodness, it was heaven in a dish. I only wish I had discovered it sooner so I could have eaten it one more time. And unfortunately, I have no pictures of the fabulous salad.

The hot chocolate at Wittamer was heavenly

We came across part of the Brussels old city wall, Steve looks like an ant next to it

We also came across a marathon that had just started, we were inspired to take up running again, but haven't done it yet

Of course we had to visit the famous statue

Buildings in the Grand Place

Brugge was beautiful but too crowded with tourists, but I loved the detail on the old buildings

More beautiful buildings in Brugge