August 16, 2010

The Windy City and Other Adventures

We had a family reunion in Nauvoo, Illinois and since we were fairly close to Chicago we went there for a few days before flying home. I was born in the suburbs of Chicago, but we moved when I was three so I have few recollections from there. I love Chicago and think it is such a beautiful city. Everywhere you look there are cool buildings with fabulous details and architecture. The boys had a great time although we did half of what we planned to do, mainly because I had a terrible cold and we were all tired.

The boys helped make a rope in Nauvoo

The boys love all their cousins!

We found a frog at the cemetery in Iowa that boy #2 kept picking up

The very cool door on the house in Iowa where my great grandmother grew up

The "Bean" at Millennium Park

Eating cotton candy at the Cubs game

103 stories up at the Sears (now Willis) Tower and out on an enclosed ledge

Boy #1 loves Jackson Pollock and was very happy to see this at the Art Institute

Boy #2 reached out to touch this and the guards were quick to discourage him, boy #1 behaved more appropriately

What's a trip to Chicago without deep dish pizza?


Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! Your summer has been jammed packed with goodness and fun. Wish I was there.

Anytime you want to add Disneyland again, let us know... However, Chicago, Oregon and camping looked like much more fun.


Ann said...

What a trip. What a pizza.